Coherent Breathing: 5 Breaths Per Minute

breathing Nov 19, 2020

This is a 10-minute, guided, coherent breath session. Your breath will be guided in 12-second cycles, meaning 6 seconds for your inhale and 6 seconds for your exhale, for a total of 5 breaths per minute. 

Things to remember
1. Breathe in and out through your nose (nasal breathing) 
2. Breathe slowly and evenly across the full 6-second inhale & 6-second exhale 
3. Initiate each breath by activating your diaphragm (diaphragmatic breathing) 
4. Keep your breath quiet (the breath you hear in the video is merely to help you keep a rhythm) 

Some of the potential benefits of creating a slow and even breath are:

  • balanced autonomic nervous system
  • reduced sympathetic response (stress response)
  • increased parasympathetic response (relaxation response)
  • improved vagal tone
  • improved heart rate variability

Possible translations? 

  • less stress
  • less anxiety
  • increased sense of inner calm
  • increased sense of overall well-being
  • vasodilation (which means decreased blood pressure)
  • greater oxygenation of muscles, tissues and organs
  • better quality sleep
  • better quality digestion

If you need more of an explanation, please click here.

If you would like to try breathing at 6 breaths per minute instead, please click here.


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