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Coherent Breathing: What? Why? How?

breathing Nov 19, 2020

Coherent Breathing. Coherence here means a synchronization or coordination of your diaphragm, heart, lungs and brain, and consequently all the systems of your body. You can reap a lot of benefits from this practice.

Some of the potential benefits of creating a slow and even breath are:

  • balanced autonomic nervous system
  • reduced sympathetic response (stress response)
  • increased parasympathetic response (relaxation response)
  • improved vagal tone
  • improved heart rate variability

This video is and introduction to the what, why and how of coherent breathing.

For guided coherent breath sessions, please check out these two videos instead:
1. 6 Breaths Per Minute for 10 Minutes

2. 5 Breaths Per Minute for 10 Minutes


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