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Want to take your breathing self-mastery to the next level? Consider adding on Self-Mastery Bundle 1, (includes Intro Manual, 10 Tips, Implementation Guide, Breathe Light Booklet, 5 Instructional Videos + 4 Audio Recordings)

The Breath Bundle

Your purchase includes lifetime access to this powerful bundle of courses which will help you breathe optimally for years to come.

What you'll get:

  • Preparing Your Body for Better Breathing
  • The Posture of Breathing
  • Respiratory Release Routine
  • Breath Blend
  • 4 1/2 hours of content
  • 15-minute mobility routine for greater body awareness and breath expansion
  • stretch, strength and awareness techniques for your jaw, lips and tongue
  • postural tips for efficient respiration
  • mobilization and release techniques for your jaw, neck, chest, diaphragm, abdomen, hip flexors and pelvis
  • exploration of 4 simple and highly effective breath techniques
  • understanding of how to use your breath to mitigate your stress levels
  • 20-minute guided breath session for deep relaxation
  • simple & practical tools that will benefit your overall well-being for a lifetime

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"Tara’s Breath Bundle package takes a comprehensive, yet tangible look at how anyone can implement a breath practice into their everyday lives.
Her explanations are concise and scientific and her guided applications are powerful and enlightening.
I highly recommend this introductory course to any person who wants to better understand breath work and has a desire to explore the way that breath influences well-being." 

Danielle De Maio
LMT & NBA Massage Therapist

"The connection between the body, breath and nervous system is so important and this course covers it all.
What I realize now is that breathing is not separate from other muscle tension, stress, or even pain issues that many people have.
The exercises in the Breath Bundle are explained clearly, broken down well, and simple to follow. I have a better awareness of my muscles and posture, and how they affect my breathing. I especially like the self-massage techniques for the head and face. This is a tool kit everyone should have." 

Danielle O'Connell
Pilates Teacher & Certified ELDOA Trainer

"Tara’s Breath Bundle hits exactly what nearly all practitioners miss! She takes the most fundamental (and under-utilized) component of our being and puts it together in an easy 4-step process that anyone can learn and follow. From preparation, to posture, daily routine, and stress management, this bundle is a no-brainer." 

Dr. Daniel Lorentz, DPT, FSThP, CSCS

"Tara’s Breath Bundle is really something special. She covers every aspect of breathing and its benefits in this 4 mini-course collection. I loved the movement and self-massage techniques. Her breathing practice videos were clear, informative and effective. Definitely recommend!" 

Amy Mastrogiuseppe, Ki-Hara Resistance Stretch Therapist & Personal Trainer

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