Hi there! I'm Tara Bianca.

Are you ready to change your life with better breathing? Check out my offerings!

Hi there! I'm Tara Bianca.

Are you ready to change your life with better breathing? Check out my offerings!

The Final 4-Week Breath Boot Camp of 2021 starts Sunday, November 14 @ 10AM ET!
Registration closes soon!
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The 4-Week Breath Boot Camp

You know breathing is essential for your overall well-being. You want to learn an evidence-based approach that has been proven effective. You’re ready to dive in deep and you want someone who can seamlessly guide you through theory and practical exercises, and who will hold you accountable and help you to implement functional breathing into your daily life. The 4-Week Breath Boot Camp is for you!

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The BE Light Community

You are looking for a community focused on optimizing health. You are super motivated to try out different approaches for improving your breathing, your movement and your well-being. You want to feel safe, supported and inspired. You want to share personal stories, have your questions answered and be held accountable for implementing the health strategies that are most important to you. The BE Light Community is for you!

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Breath Gym Group Classes

You’ve gone through the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp and you’re ready to consistently make functional breathing a part of your life. You’ve got a basic understanding of the “why” and now you’re all about the “how”. You’re looking for live, weekly guidance to help you implement all the practical exercises you’ve learned. No more theory, just pure application. Breath Gym Group Classes are for you!

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The Breath Bundle

You’re a self-starter who’s not interested in live classes or an online community. You already know breathing is important and now you’re looking for a deeper understanding of how your breathing impacts your movement, posture and nervous system. You only have the bandwidth for short and simple tutorials, offering exercises that you can implement immediately. The Breath Bundle is for you!

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Interested in Private Breath Coaching?

Please contact me for pricing and scheduling: [email protected]

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