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Self-Massage for Anxiety Relief

This video series is filled with quick and simple self-massage and stretching techniques that you can implement immediately, either during acute bouts of anxiety or in between bouts of anxiety.

The exercises are heavily focused on the shoulders, neck, head and face. The intention of each is to release tension in areas that may be restricting your breathing, or causing referral pain that exacerbates your symptoms of anxiety.

There is also a focus on stimulating your vagus nerve, as to elicit a sense of calm in your mind and body, and bring you into a state of ease and relaxation.

Inside, you'll find:

  • 1 introductory video that explains how to best utilize the video series
  • 19 instructional videos, each highlighting a different self-massage or stretching technique
  • 19 real-time demonstrations to accompany you through your practice
  • Simple explanations focused on experiential learning
  • Tools for a lifetime to help you regulate your state and control your response to stress and anxiety
  • A list of self-massage resources including FREE video tutorials and a collection of mini-courses
  • About 80 minutes of instructional content

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 "I am very impressed by these amazing videos. This is not only great for releasing anxiety and calming yourself down, it’s also amazing to do for skincare purposes. Doing all these facial massage techniques is particularly beneficial for anti-aging because it improves circulation, which means more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood is flowing to your face. This helps increase collagen production and boosts elasticity in the skin. I highly recommend doing this video series. Thank you!" 


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More Testimonials

 "Tara's videos on self-massage were accessible, relaxing, and educational. As a psychotherapist trained in somatic strategies to manage anxiety and trauma, I found these videos highly useful. The videos added valuable tools to my self-regulation toolbox. I personally found the exercises calming and grounding, knowing that I could also turn to them in moments of higher emotional activation. The videos helped me feel more aware of and connected with my body. Tara provided me with unique self-massage tools that I would not have the privilege of knowing without these videos. I would feel confident suggesting these videos to clients who experience anxiety or trauma. In my practice, I find that cognitive-based tools to manage strong emotions can only get us so far. Integrating body-based strategies to regulate the nervous system allows people to come home to themselves. These videos also help foster self-compassion; when we provide ourselves with self-massage, we are providing ourselves with loving care. If self-compassion is inaccessible for us cognitively or emotionally, we can begin by providing it to ourselves physically. Tara has a calming presence as she guides through the practices. Her voice is grounding and nurturing as she shares information about the body while also sharing practical tools. I am very thankful for these videos!

Clare Karasik, MSW, RSW
Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist

"I get easily overwhelmed and these anxiety relief techniques are something I didn’t even know I needed. I practice deep breaths daily, but adding self-massage into my routine made a big difference to how relaxed I feel. Tara’s voice and her authenticity also make me feel at peace. Thank you for creating these life-changing videos!

Izabela Sarnicka
Gut Health Coach

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