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**Please note, this product does NOT come with an actual tuning fork.
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Tuning Forks for Anxiety Relief Video Series + OTTO 128Hz Tuning Fork Manual

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**Please note, this product does NOT come with an actual tuning fork.

1. Tuning Forks for Anxiety Relief Video Series

This video series is filled with simple and gentle tuning fork techniques that you can implement immediately, either during acute bouts of anxiety or in between bouts of anxiety.

Each tuning fork application is designed to stimulate your vagus nerve, calm your mind and body, and bring you into a state of ease and relaxation.

Inside, you'll find:

  • 1 introductory video that explains how to best utilize the video series
  • 7 instructional videos, each highlighting a different tuning fork application
  • 7 real-time demonstrations to accompany you through your practice
  • Simple explanations focused on experiential learning
  • A simple point map guide for quick reference and ease of use in your practice
  • Tools for a lifetime to help you regulate your state and control your response to stress and anxiety
  • A list of tuning fork resources including FREE video tutorials, downloadable e-books and tuning fork accessories
  • About 45 minutes of instructional content

**Please note, this product does NOT come with an actual tuning fork. For purchase recommendations, please see below.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Application of tuning forks to the body is not advisable:

  • during the first trimester of pregnancy
  • on weak, fractured or osteoporotic bones
  • in conjunction with pacemakers

OTTO 128HZ TUNING FORK: The demonstrations in this video series are all done with an OTTO 128Hz tuning fork. However, a number of weighted tuning forks would be effective in eliciting a similar response. It's a bit dependent on which frequency resonates best with you. Feel free to try these exercises with any weighted tuning fork that you have available.

2. The OTTO 128Hz Tuning Fork Manual

This 25-page manual is devoted to teaching you to use the OTTO 128Hz tuning fork on your body. Inside, you will find a simplified approach to the WHAT, WHY & HOW of tuning fork therapy. You will also get access to 7 pages of specific point maps and suggestions for use. 

This manual is wonderful as a stand-alone learning guide for newcomers to the OTTO 128. But it is also designed to be an accompaniment to my OTTO 128Hz Tuning Fork Video Series on YouTube. 

Here is a copy of the table of contents, so that you know exactly what is included in the manual:

  • What Is the OTTO 128?
  • Why Is It Called the OTTO 128?
  • C=128 & the Perfect Fifth
  • Difference Between Unweighted & Weighted Tuning Forks
  • How to Hold the OTTO 128
  • What Is a Gem Foot?
  • How to Strike the OTTO 128
  • How to Apply the OTTO 128
  • How Often to Apply the OTTO 128
  • Main Benefits of the OTTO 128
  • Anecdotal Evidence Straight from the BE Light Community
  • OTTO 128 Precautions & Contraindications
  • Other OTTO 128 FAQs
  • OTTO 128 Point Maps & Suggestions for Use
  • Resources
  • About Tara Bianca

**Please note, this product does NOT come with an actual tuning fork. For purchase recommendations, please see below.

If you have any questions or concerns about this product, please contact me BEFORE purchasing: [email protected]


"Wow! This video series worked wonders not only for those anxious feelings, but the tension I was holding onto in my body! Tara is an excellent teacher with the right balance of keeping it simple, being informative, and encouraging you to listen to your body. I love that you can go through it as a series or pick the points that work for you with the time that you have. The videos are short, clear, and best of all they work! Highly recommend if you’re looking for simple short tools to release stress, anxiety, and tension. This was easy and sooo relaxing. Enjoy.

Allison Roman, 
Transformation Coach + Holistic Healing Practitioner

 "I love this simple and effective method for calming anxiety. By following this series of short videos, you can empower yourself to effect change in your own life to reduce stress and anxiety. The work facilitates a simple yet profound method for moving out of your head and into your body and heart space, allowing for more expansion and relaxation. You will find yourself breathing a little easier as your anxiety disperses gently and easily. The videos are so well done, and I appreciate how Tara honors your time by getting straight to the action steps while interweaving so much information about the body and the method. You can move at your own pace and skip around to the points that most resonate with you. Sometimes I feel my mind is like a runaway horse, and this series helps to rein in those thought patterns, helping me to focus on what matters most in the moment with renewed clarity and purpose.

Angela W., 
SomaEnergetics Certified Sound Vibrational Teacher
& Biofield Tuning Practitioner

Delivery of Product

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Since this is a digital product that is instantly accessible without restriction, it cannot be returned or exchanged. If you have any questions about this product at all, please be sure to contact me ([email protected]) before completing your purchase.

Why Do I Need to Create a Password?

An email and password will be required in order to access the Tuning Forks for Anxiety Relief video series. A password is also of benefit to you, as it allows you to check your account information and purchase history. 

Where Can I Purchase an OTTO 128Hz Tuning Fork?

I purchase all of my forks from BioSonics. If interested, click here to use my affiliate link to purchase the OTTO 128.

More Testimonials

"As with all the BE Light videos, the Anxiety Relief Series with the OTTO 128 is detailed, thorough and ultimately effective. Tara speaks slowly and uses different camera angles to make it easy for anyone to get the points properly targeted. I appreciate the comprehensive approach, because there's no one-size-fits-all and she presents a plethora of options. I've found many of the exercises to be very calming to my body system and look forward to trying them on others. Tara is generous with her knowledge, compassionate and professional. Everyone needs tuning forks and high quality tutorials such as this in their self-care toolbox." 

Healing Arts Practitioner

"I have severe anxiety, and had seen Tara on her YouTube channel, so I decided to look into the tuning fork thing, and watched a few videos and fell in love with her. Tara's way of teaching is simple yet profound, to the point yet informative, but not overwhelming to someone with anxiety. I love her voice, which is so calming, and I do feel calmer and more centered after following the techniques provided in her videos. I am excited to try more courses from Tara. Thank you!" 

Lisa Shafer,
Pharmacy Technician

"This Manual has helped me understand how to apply the fork, the benefits and precautions. The point maps are very easy to follow and learn from." 

Carlos G. Ramirez,
Reiki Therapist

"This manual is very informative for anyone who is just starting out with tuning forks. It has all the images and specific points you need, to work on different parts of your body. Loving it." 

Harini Jhaveri,
Holistic Skincare Specialist/Esthetician

"Before purchasing this manual, I had studied many YouTube videos on using the 128 Hz tuning fork. After watching Tara’s videos on how to use this tuning fork on specific areas of the body, I decided to purchase her manual. It’s an amazing, informative manual on all aspects of the 128 Hz tuning fork and includes her maps, showing how to heal all areas of the body. I have since purchased the fork plus a gem foot attachment, which makes the use of the fork more powerful and smoother on the body. The 128 Hz tuning fork is a must for every household, coupled with Tara’s 128 Hz Tuning Fork Manual, to get the most benefit from using the fork." 

Chris Cufone

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