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This product may not be appropriate for pregnancy, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or serious underlying medical conditions.

Breathing for Anxiety Relief

This video series is filled with quick, actionable breathing exercises to be used during acute bouts of anxiety, in order to effectively mitigate your symptoms and bring you back into a state of ease and safety.

Inside, you'll find:

  • 1 introductory video that explains how to best utilize the video series
  • 7 instructional videos, each highlighting a different breathing technique
  • 7 real-time demonstrations to accompany you through your practice
  • Simple explanations focused on experiential learning
  • Tools for a lifetime to help you regulate your state and control your response to stress and anxiety
  • A list of breathing resources including FREE video tutorials, downloadable e-books, breathing accessories and advanced workshops
  • About 45 minutes of instructional content

CONTRAINDICATIONS: This video series may not be appropriate for people who are pregnant, have high blood pressure, are suffering from cardiovascular disease or who have other serious underlying medical conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns about this video series, please contact me BEFORE purchasing: [email protected]


 "Tara is an excellent guide in getting you out of fight-flight into relaxation mode. We often forget the basics of getting back into the body and self-soothing, but Tara’s guidance is life-changing. Whether you have this awareness or not, it’s always a great reminder and invaluable to have someone with experience there to hold you accountable. Being there with her virtually is definitely relaxing in itself. She guides you through various types of breathwork, still and dynamic, for whatever fits your needs. This series is for EVERYONE! I wish I would’ve found her sooner! Now I can properly move through my anxious states and this is priceless.

Riley, The Gut Farmacist,
Traditional Naturopath

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More Testimonials

 "Tara is a fantastic instructor. Her gentle and calming voice is amazingly soothing, and the strategies she presents are top-class. She provides various tools whether you are in a very high-stressed state or feeling anxious. These breathing techniques are short and easy to follow, yet powerful. They can benefit everyone, to calm the body and mind down efficiently. This video series made me realize how powerful breathing can be in regulating the nervous system. In following Tara's videos, I immediately felt a shift in my anxiety level, which dropped from level 7 to zero!!! I highly recommend her program!

Functional & Holistic Nutrition Coach

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