The Breath Basics 6-Day Challenge

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When you sign up for this FREE training, you will get access to 1 video tutorial (about 15 minutes) per day, for 6 days straight. Each video will offer a brief explanation of the breathing technique of the day, as well as a 5-minute guided session utilizing that technique. 

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Very clear and useful introduction to breathwork in which simple breathing practices are clearly taught and explained. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for help with stress management.


This course can open the doors to discovering the best of ourselves, by diving into the world of breathing in the most gentle and kind way I've ever experienced.

Celestino Telera,
Musician, Performer, Artist

I found the course really well put together, well presented, and able to produce powerful results. It is a great start and I would recommend it!

Tony Mansfield,
Transformation Coach

Through this course, my breathing rate has reduced. I am no longer out of breath. I feel calm and quiet. The length of the course is good. The presentation is excellent and all aspects of basic breath training are included.

Samson Dharmaraj,
Bio-Medical Engineer

I found the challenge well worth the time spent and solid proof of how beneficial improving your breathing will be towards overall enjoyment of life.

Jim Sterner,

4 days into the 6-day program, I experienced significant changes. I no longer get winded while moving at a fast pace, and my heart rate doesn’t get as elevated, as it did just a week ago, when walking up hills.

Johnny Swanson,
Inventory Control Manager

By the end of this 6-day challenge you will have:

  • 6 tools for managing your stress response
  • 6 tools for quickly accessing relaxation
  • 6 tools for bolstering your immune system
  • a better understanding of how your breath directly impacts your mind & body
  • lifetime access to self-care tools that improve your overall sense of well-being
  • a 20-page companion guide filled with quick reminders of each technique, its benefits, and suggestions for practice

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Also, access to The Breath Basics 6-Day Challenge is yours FOREVER, so if you miss a day, don’t worry! You can go back and review your lessons at any time.

You Deserve 15 Minutes Per Day of Stress Relief!

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This FREE training comes with access to the weekly BE Light video series, delivering breathwork, bodywork & mindset tips straight to your inbox every Wednesday at 10AM. Don't like it? You can unsubscribe in a jiffy.

Training Outline

Day 1: Mouth vs Nose Breathing
Day 2: Coherent Breathing
Day 3: Extended-Exhale Breathing
Day 4: Box Breathing
Day 5: Alternate-Nostril Breathing
Day 6: Bumble-Bee Breathing


  • Understand the importance of nasal breathing
  • Synchronize your heart, lungs, diaphragm & brain
  • Learn to consciously activate your relaxation response
  • Improve your CO2 tolerance
  • Balance your autonomic nervous system
  • Improve your sensory input
  • Reap the benefits of nasal nitric oxide
  • Establish simple practices for managing stress
Very clear and nicely created 15-minute classes on how to breathe and work on activating a parasympathetic response in the body.

Pilates Instructor

If you want a clear and concise explanation of breathing and its benefits, take the 6-Day Challenge!

Physical Therapist

I found the 6-Day Challenge enjoyable and informative. It was the right length to fit into a busy day.

Well-Being Coordinator

I found the program extremely useful to help release stress and energize the mind and body with just 15 minutes per day. In current challenging times of COVID, this is a boon.

Rajpal Duggal,
Chief Financial Officer

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