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How to Fire Up Your Energy, Eliminate Chronic Pain and Finally FEEL Good

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Maybe you’ve never tried a breathing technique in your entire life. Or maybe you’ve been practicing for years, but you still haven’t attained your desired results for your physical, mental and emotional health. In either case, you’re in the right place!

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

Secret #1:

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Health and Fitness Goals by Quickly and Easily Connecting to Your Body’s Innate Healing Intelligence

How you breathe DOES matter! You take around 20,000 breaths per day and each once influences how you think, feel, move and respond to your environment. In this training, you’ll learn to breathe in a simple and specific way that matches your innate physiological design, and gets you to your health and fitness goals fast.

Secret #2:

How to Instantly Boost Your Energy and Feel Pain-Free by Learning This ONE Simple Concept

You may have heard that the more you breathe, the more oxygen you get into your body, but that’s flat-out wrong! In this training, I will show you how to PROPERLY oxygenate your body so you can get out of chronic pain and increase your energy.

Secret #3:

How to Breathe to Get the Exact Health Results You Want, Without Falling for Trendy Advice that Isn’t Specifically Designed for YOU!

“Take a deep breath” is horrible advice and, in some cases, might even exacerbate your undesired symptoms! Instead of listening to misguided advice, I want to teach you to be the master of your own breath so that you can choose the precisely right technique for your needs, precisely when you need it.

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John Maciuika

"This is an excellent class for everyone. It really builds awareness of the importance of breathing properly, of increasing breathing efficiency and understanding for overall health. Tara is a great teacher, very dedicated and extremely positive."

Alisa D.

"Tara is amazing at what she does! Her passion and dedication are beyond words! She is a calm and thoughtful teacher who really cares about this subject. She helped me understand the basics of breathing and showed me simple exercises that can help me achieve my goals and start breathing better and lighter."

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"How to Fire Up Your Energy, Eliminate Chronic Pain and Finally FEEL Good"

(Without Guesswork, Going It Alone or Gimmicky Techniques)

Optimize Your Breath So You Can Optimize Your Life!

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Samantha Levine

"I had an unbelievable experience with Tara. I have suffered from chronic anxiety and pain for my entire life. With the use of Tara’s breathwork approach, my symptoms have substantially improved. Tara is patient and an excellent teacher. She is smart and her method is life-changing. I highly recommend Tara and her work to anyone looking for a transformative experience."

Trista Krone

"Tara is a gifted healer with an intuitive understanding of the body. She skillfully and compassionately guides clients to harness the tool of breath to break through blockages and stagnation and connect to deep reservoirs of energy and inspiration. She is a gentle facilitator, helping to integrate all parts of the self in order to confidently move forward into the highest possibilities and aspirations in this life, right now."

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I’m Tara Bianca. I’ve been a holistic health practitioner for the past 20 years, based out of New York City. I’m also the owner of BE Light Transformative Therapy, an online health and wellness education company, specializing in therapeutic bodywork, breathwork, mindset and sound healing.

I have coached thousands of people over the years to cultivate greater breath and body awareness so as to reduce their pain, increase their energy, improve their mobility and truly shine as their authentic selves in the world. I am well-versed in a number of different breathing techniques, including Oxygen Advantage, Buteyko Method, Transformational Breath, Pranayama and Qi Gong.

I am passionate about building a global community that is dedicated to achieving optimal health and wellness – for people and for planet – as holistically as possible.

To that aim, all my programming at BE Light is designed to truly empower you with simple tools that allow you to regain full autonomy over your health and happiness so you can BE your greatest self and live your best life.

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Here’s What Some of My Students Have to Say About My Programs:

Yokasta Tineo

"Through Tara's breathwork, I gained deep insights into my own resistance patterns and the spaces where I hold tension in my body. The effects of the breathwork were cumulative, as I became more aware of my breath and how it connects to and affects my state of mind, emotions, and general well-being. This process facilitated deep healing. I am forever grateful to Tara and her breathing technique."

Mark Pellington

"Tara Bianca is an amazing healer and her bodywork, breathwork and overall energy-healing is a source of empowerment. She is intuitive and attentive, and she creates the ability for mind, body and spirit to experience an immensely powerful and cleansing emotional and physical release."

Tom Guthrie

"Tara's 4-Week Breath Boot Camp is a must for all! Tara is a terrific teacher. She has developed a class dense with information, yet breaks down the material in a very accessible way. The class has a perfect balance between lecture and exploration/exercises. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in breathwork and for those who aren't, it is even more essential they take it."


"I am so glad I took this course! It has given me an understanding of how I should be breathing, how to practice it and how my body will experience the benefits. I am already seeing great results! Tara's sessions had the right blend of teaching and practical work, to make my ongoing practice more purposeful and sustainable. Tara is the consummate professional, highly skilled in teaching breathwork for optimal health. She is also responsive and caring. It was an absolute pleasure to study with her and I highly recommend this course to everyone!"

Nessy Quarantello

"Tara's style is efficient and she is an interactive instructor. I like how she was repetitive on the foundations of the training so it felt I could learn easily even though there was a lot of material to cover. She took the time to understand what my mood was and then created sessions that benefitted me as I was rather than me feeling like I needed to be ready for what was to come. It felt like a personalized experience and after each session, I was refreshed, rebalanced, and relaxed."

David Baxter

"Tara’s teaching style is very straightforward, concise and well documented, in an easy-to-understand format. Throughout the 4-Week Breath Boot, my breathing greatly improved. My emotional and mental states are now more relaxed and my concentration has increased. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Tara’s 4-Week Breath Boot Camp to anyone who is looking to improve their overall health, general fitness and performance. You will be glad you participated in this course. I certainly am!"


"There's so much to learn about breathing. Tara is an excellent and inspiring coach. She is so passionate about breath for life. I also really value the Community group feedback and guidance. If you are suffering or feel lost, have anxiety or pain/tension in your body, breathing techniques will change your body chemistry and consciousness. It’s working for me! Doing breath holds and other techniques restore me, and alleviate my upper-back pain. I got prescribed muscle relaxers and pain meds that I choose not to take. I manage my pain with breath and movement. It really works. This is our life force...breathing. Thank you!"


"It is a pleasure being part of Tara's Community. She has selected such an untrodden topic of breath, which now is receiving more attention and recognition than before, from everyone. I applaud her for her work. It is very useful to me in my profession, as well as personally. I like that it is theory plus practice. I also was pleasantly surprised at how connected Tara is and how available she makes herself for everyone. Thank you once again, Tara, for accommodating all my needs and making sure I do the work."

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Who This Training Is For

👉You are in the right place, even if you have zero experience with a formal breath practice, even if you’ve never done a breathing technique in your entire life, and even if you’re still not 100% sure why breathing is so critically important to focus on to support your health and fitness goals.

👉You are also in the right place if you’ve had a regular breath practice for a long time, but you’re still not getting your desired results for your physical, mental and emotional health. I’m going to clarify some of the horrible misinformation that’s out there, so that you can finally have a breakthrough and implement effectively.

👉And finally, you are definitely in the right place if you have a deep knowing in your heart that your breath can unlock some buried, hidden potential in your body that will change your entire life for the better.

Start Optimizing Your Breath So You Can Optimize Your Life!

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