The 4-Week Breath Boot Camp


An Introduction to the Oxygen Advantage® Approach to Functional Breathing

Truly functional breathing, for daily life.
At rest. During exercise. During sleep.

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Welcome to the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp!

This is a 4-week, self-paced, online workshop experience that introduces the Oxygen Advantage® approach to functional breathing. You will learn a series of science-based breathing techniques, that have been proven effective for enhancing the quality of your daily life. The focus will be on reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, balancing mood and emotions, enhancing concentration, improving performance and improving overall resilience.

Functional NOT Fashionable Breathing!

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Sharad S.

Software Engineer

Tara really helped me unlock the power of my breath to get healthier, sleep deeper, and have a deeper sense of emotional well-being. This is an experience you shouldn't miss!

John Maciuika

This is an excellent class for everyone. It really builds awareness of the importance of breathing properly, of increasing breathing efficiency and understanding for overall health. Tara is a great teacher, very dedicated and extremely positive.

Marijke Holzer

Meditation Teacher

If you want to do something for your health, I would recommend this training. The breathing exercises bring you into the body and relax the mind and the nervous system. A really wonderful training!

Do you ever feel your breathing is holding you back?

Making you anxious? Preventing deep sleep? Diminishing your ability to perform? Stealing your energy? Keeping you distracted? Intensifying your stress and pain?

Or worse, maybe you've never associated these symptoms with your breathing pattern at all!

Through the 4 weeks of the Breath Boot Camp, I take you from breath bewildered to breath brilliant

Breathing is easy! It is a foundational human function. And to optimize the 20,000 breaths you take each day, all you need is a clear path and some simple strategies for implementation.

Everyone deserves to understand how to use their own breath to feel amazing.
During these 4 weeks, I'm going to show you how to do exactly that!

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Where Are You Now On Your Breath Journey?

Maybe you've been hearing a lot of buzz about the benefits of breathing and you're simply curious to try it out for yourself.

Maybe respiratory health is at the forefront of your mind these days, or you've been suffering for years with sinus and respiratory issues.

Maybe you struggle with chronic stress, anxiety, sleep issues, or lack of focus and you want to see if changing your breathing improves your symptoms and your performance.

Maybe you've been playing around with different breathing techniques with mixed results, and you can't seem to draw a straight line from the symptoms you're experiencing, to the technique that will be most effective for you.

Maybe you’re already aware of the importance of breathing. Maybe you even have a daily breathing practice. 

But let me ask you, once your 10- or 20- or 30-minute breathing practice is done,

how are you breathing the remaining 23½ hours of each day?!

The 4-Week Breath Boot Camp is the answer to fill in this massively overlooked gap in your daily breath awareness.

What Are the Main Features of the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp?

Four weeks of recorded and interactive video lessons, dripped to you weekly to optimize absorption of the material while preventing overwhelm.

21 Instructional Video Lessons
15 Hours Instructional Content
30 Days FREE BLC Access

PLUS Lifetime Access!

In-Depth Breathing Lectures

Your four main weekly lessons are 1 to 1.5 hours each, and offer detailed, yet clearly delivered presentations that dive into breathing anatomy, theory and practical exercises, in a way that is easy to understand and easy to implement.

"In-Class" Breath Exploration

Four weekly "in-class" breath practices, lasting 30-60 minutes each, and designed to expose you to specific breathing exercises that you can explore in a safe way, while learning how to incorporate them into your daily activities. 

Self-Evaluative Quizzes

Evaluate your absorption of the material with these weekly, multiple-choice quizzes, designed to illuminate any gaps in your understanding, so that you know where you still need guidance, and which questions to ask to help propel you forward.

Breath Gym Group Classes

In addition to your "in-class" breath exploration, I also guide you through a weekly 45-minute Breath Gym group class to help you solidify the breathing exercises in your mind and body, and clarify any areas of confusion.

Self-Paced Guided Homework

You'll get weekly downloadable homework guides that direct your breath practice, including a guided audio recording to help you prepare for sleep, and links to Community posts to reinforce your weekly learning goals.

The BE Light Community

You get a FREE 30-day trial to the BE Light Community! The BLC offers 24/7 access to a safe, interactive space where you can ask questions, seek support, and converse with like-minded breathing enthusiasts.

Expanded Training Manual

This fully updated and expanded training manual contains ALL of the theory, concepts and techniques presented throughout the Boot Camp, as well as an exercise appendix for ease of referencing.

Certificate of Completion

At the end of the program, you will be granted a beautiful certificate to honor your achievement of completing the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp, and to encourage you to continue on your breath journey. 

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Who Is the Boot Camp For?

Whether you’re a licensed health practitioner with an acute understanding of human anatomy and physiology, an athlete with exquisite body awareness, or a casual health and fitness enthusiast always on the lookout for tools to be just a little bit better, I guarantee you have never thought about breathing like this before!

For anyone looking for a clear and detailed explanation of the WHY of breathing, the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp is for you!

For breath coaches who excel at teaching specialized techniques, but who are unclear on the science and physiology of truly functional breathing, the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp is for you!

For holistic health practitioners, yoga teachers, pilates instructors and personal trainers who want to better assist clients with their health and fitness goals, the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp is for you!

For singers, dancers, stage performers, public speakers, teachers, or anyone who spends the bulk of their day talking and using their voice, the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp is for you!

For people suffering with chronic stress or anxiety who have tried ALL THE THINGS, except making simple tweaks to their breathing that can powerfully shift their entire physiology, the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp is for you!

For anyone who struggles with sleep, focus, concentration, performance or exercise-induced asthma, the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp is for you!

For exercise enthusiasts, health and fitness fanatics, and people who love to geek out on human anatomy and physiology, the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp is for you!

Mamoun Bennani

Personal Coach

Tara's knowledge of breathing is impressive! She gave me the tools to understand the HOW and WHY of breathing. She helped me connect the dots with science and to see clear feedback from my body. I'm applying many of the techniques I learned in my daily practice, and I'm even educating some of my Personal Training clients about the breathing science that Tara taught me.

Alisa D.


Tara is amazing at what she does! Her passion and dedication are beyond words! She is a calm and thoughtful teacher who really cares about this subject. She helped me understand the basics of breathing and showed me simple exercises that can help me achieve my goals and start breathing better and lighter.

Ashley Bachner

Dance & Pilates Teacher

I am so grateful for Tara. This 4-Week Breath Boot Camp opened my eyes to how truly dysfunctional my breathing was and how it was affecting my whole body. With her patience, compassion and incredible knowledge of the human body, I am starting to improve my CO2 tolerance, chronic fatigue and inflammation. Thank you!

What Will You Learn in the Boot Camp?

The 4-Week Breath Boot Camp is a highly-focused program, which is evidence-based and incorporates simple techniques that have been proven effective again and again to improve daily functional breathing, breathing efficiency and an overall sense of well-being.

There is a LOT of confusing messaging out there right now in the breath world – I know, because I used to be prey to it myself – and it is very easy for a curious consumer to get lost in all the noise.

I created the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp to cut through all the noise!

The breathing techniques you will learn in the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp address all these aspects of your health.

Anxiety, Stress & Pain
  • balanced nervous system
  • reduced stress
  • reduced anxiety
  • reduced perception of pain
  • reduced inflammation
Energy & Performance
  • more energy
  • less breathlessness
  • less fatigue
  • improved performance
  • improved aerobic capacity
  • improved anaerobic capacity
Mental & Emotional
  • increased sense of inner calm
  • improved mental focus
  • improved concentration
  • mood stabilization
  • greater adaptability
  • greater resilience
Sleep & Recovery
  • improved sleep quality
  • more rested
  • improved recovery
  • less risk of injury
  • improved healing
  • improved growth & learning
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Boot Camp Learning Objectives

Week 1 Goals

Theory & Exercises
  • Define Oxygen Advantage® Technique
  • Functional vs Dysfunctional Breathing
  • Mouth vs Nose-Breathing
  • Nose-Unblocking Exercise
  • BOLT & MBT Self-Evaluation
  • The Bohr Effect
  • CO2 Tolerance

Week 2 Goals

Theory & Exercises
  • 3 Pillars of Functional Breathing
  • Biochemistry (Breathe Light)
  • Biomechanics (Breathe Deep)
  • Cadence (Breathe Slow)
  • Minute vs Alveolar Ventilation
  • Coherent Breathing

Week 3 Goals

Theory & Exercises
  • How to Breathe When Feeling Breathless
  • "Nose, Slow, Low & Light"
  • Functional Breathing During Daily Activities
  • Breath-Holding
  • Hypoxia & Pulse Oximetry
  • Hypoxic-Hypercapnic Training

Week 4 Goals

Theory & Exercises
  • Importance of Sleep
  • Connection between Sleep & Breathing
  • Sleep, Breathing, Emotions & the Nervous System
  • Post-Performance Recovery
  • Breathing for Sleep
  • Mouth-Taping
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What Will You Not Learn in the Boot Camp?

Let's Be Clear!

I am not going to waste your time teaching you some short-lived breathing fad that you’ll be excited about for all of a minute, and then dump as soon as the Boot Camp is over.

I am not going to teach you overly complicated theory. You'll be exposed to just enough science to feel supported in your practice.

I will not be teaching from a traditional pranayama perspective. That is not my background.

I will not be teaching some esoteric system. The Boot Camp is not designed to help you reach spiritual enlightenment.

I am not going to ask you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. I am here to support, guide and empower you with this new wisdom for understanding the power of your own breath. But YOU are always in control of your experience.

 I am not going to leave you hanging without delivering the exact tools you need to implement these breathing strategies effectively on your own.

In addition to the Main Features, I have created these additional Bonus Features to further support you on your journey.

Additional Bonus Features

End-of-Training Q&A Sessions

I have included not one, but THREE, previously recorded LIVE Q&A sessions, along with video chapter outlines so that you can see exactly which questions are asked and when. You may also use your FREE 30-day trial in the BE Light Community to ask any questions that arise, in order to create clarity and instill you with confidence to continue your practice.

Bonus Breath Gym Group Classes

In addition to your weekly "in-class" practice, as well as your weekly group Breath Gym class, I have included an additional TWO BONUS group Breath Gym classes of 45 minutes each. This is to help you further internalize the breathing exercises and better understand how each exercise elicits a specific response in your body.

March Cohorts will also have the opportunity to be grandfathered in to my brand new INSPIRE Membership at the lowest rate ever!

You’ve been curious about breathing for a long time, but you can’t find anyone who can give you a clear explanation of why breathing is so important, how it functions in your body, or how to easily implement it into your daily life without feeling like it’s another thing to add to your to-do list.

I hear you!

Who's Your Instructor?

I’m Tara! I’ve been a holistic health practitioner in NYC for almost 20 years. I’ve been a breathwork facilitator for the past 5 years, mostly focusing on the techniques of the Oxygen Advantage®, which is exactly what you’ll find in the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp.

I am really passionate about teaching, and while I love to be thorough, I also try to make learning fun and engaging. It is my goal that you complete this Boot Camp with a profound understanding of how your breath impacts every other facet of your being, that you have a good comprehension of basic breathing physiology, and most importantly, that you feel the impact of your breathing in your own body.

I want you to walk away feeling confident about the how and the why of your exercises so that you can implement them easily, safely and effectively into your daily life.
Sounds Great! I'm Ready to Join!

The 4-Week Breath Boot Camp is designed to use your personal physiology as a doorway to directly access your nervous system, and in turn create long-lasting benefits for your physical, mental and emotional health.

Nessy Quarantello

Breathwork Practitioner & Financial Services Professional

Tara is succinct, warm, and very knowledgeable about breathing. I felt supported, educated and empowered by her and this training.

Tom Guthrie

Movement Therapist

Tara's 4-Week Breath Boot Camp is a must for all! Tara is a terrific teacher. She has developed a class dense with information, yet breaks down the material in a very accessible way. The class has a perfect balance between lecture and exploration/exercises. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in breathwork and for those who aren't, it is even more essential they take it.

Ashelii Perez

Holistic Nutritionist

Tara is thorough and informative, but not overwhelming. She has a way of explaining that is comprehensive and understandable. Her teaching style is highly effective. She has mastered the art of cues and her voice is the most soothing voice you can find.

I Mentioned It Before, But It Bears Repeating!

Who Is This Training For?

  • You want an evidence-based approach to breathing
  • You are interested in the why, as much as the how
  • You want a basic understanding of the anatomy and physiology of breathing
  • You want to understand the difference between mouth-breathing and nose-breathing
  • You want a combination of intellectual learning and experiential learning
  • You want to cultivate greater breath awareness
  • You want to understand the most efficient way to breathe at rest, during physical exercise and during sleep
  • You are interested in learning techniques that will truly enhance the quality of your life, not just become another self-help tool that sits on your shelf collecting dust
  • You want a better understanding of how to breathe during your day, not just during your “breath practice”
  • You want a clear roadmap for easily implementing functional breathing into your already busy lifestyle
  • You want to take on a breath practice safely, without worrying about causing more harm than good
  • You want self-evaluative tools to measure your progress
  • You want accountability and motivation to continue your practice even after the training ends
  • You want supplemental materials that you can refer back to for guidance and clarity

Who Is This Training NOT For?

  • You are pregnant
  • You have cardiovascular disease
  • You have a serious respiratory illness
  • You are elderly or extremely unfit
  • You have some serious underlying medical condition
  • You want quick access to breathing exercises without understanding the why
  • You are unwilling to implement what you’ve learned
  • You are looking for a breath training taught directly from the yoga pranayama tradition
  • You are looking for an esoteric breath training that is exclusively focused on your spiritual journey

Have a specific question about the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp? Please do not hesitate to reach out to me: [email protected]

No Questions! I'm Ready to Sign Up!

4 Weeks Goes By in the Blink of an Eye.

Would that small investment of time be worth it to you, if it meant walking away with a profound understanding of how to use your own breath to:
  • better navigate the stressors in your life?
  • naturally reduce stress & anxiety?
  • sleep & recover better?
  • improve digestion?
  • balance your mood & emotions?
  • enhance your focus & concentration?
  • improve your energy levels?
  • improve your performance (in sport, at work and in life)?
  • balance your nervous system?
  • cultivate greater breath & body awareness?
  • learn to respond instead of react?
  • nurture a profound connection to self?

Would it be worth having access to a deep knowledge that will last your entire lifetime?

(And yes, of course, lifetime access to the program means you can also take longer than 4 weeks to go through the training if that is your preference.)

I promise you, that if you show up to the Boot Camp with open eyes, open ears, an open mind and an open heart, and you do the work of implementing the techniques and strategies that I share with you, there is NO WAY you will not experience some type of positive change in your health and overall sense of well-being. 

Most students walk away from the Boot Camp with some surprise benefit that they were never expecting!

Mark David


The Boot Camp was fantastic. I learned a lot from these 4 weeks and have something to apply to my everyday life that gets results almost immediately. Tara is a great teacher and you will see positive results if you follow her guidance.


Pilates Instructor

Taking part in the 4-Week Breath Boot Camp helped me understand why CO2 tolerance is so important. I have a much better and organized knowledge about the science behind breathing, and also learned how to work on my own to improve my breathing. I definitely recommend this training to anybody interested in understanding their breath.

The 4-Week Breath Boot Camp Is NOT a LIVE Course.

All the videos included in your Boot Camp experience were recorded during previously taught LIVE Boot Camps. This gives you the advantage of learning from the myriad questions asked by students who went through this training before you.

+PLUS, by being granted 30 days of FREE access to the BE Light Community, you are getting an interactive experience, as well as direct access to Tara, for assistance with any specific questions or concerns that arise.

+PLUS, unlike students who have only ever done the LIVE Boot Camp, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the program for a FRACTION of the cost of my LIVE training!

It’s a win-win-win-win scenario!

Dates for Next Breath Boot Camp

Sundays @ 10AM ET; June 5, 12, 19 & 26

⭐Doors are about to close! Sign up today!⭐

"This is an experience you shouldn't miss!"

The Boot Camp won't be available forever.
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Here's a Reminder of Everything That's Included

  • 4 weeks of recorded and interactive lessons, dripped weekly to optimize learning while preventing overwhelm
  • 21 instructional video lessons
  • 15 hours of instructional content
  • 4 in-depth breathing lectures detailing breathing anatomy, theory and exercises
  • 4 "in-class" breath exploration sessions
  • 4 weekly 45-minute Breath Gym group classes
  • Tools to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, balance mood and emotions, enhance concentration and improve performance
  • 4 self-evaluative quizzes to assess any gaps in understanding
  • 4 guided homework practices, including downloadable PDFs and guided audio recordings
  • Fully expanded and updated 52-page training manual and exercise appendix
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access to the Boot Camp and all instructional content

Additional Features for Continued Support, Motivation, Accountability & Implementation

  • 30 days of FREE access to the BE Light Community
  • 3 in-depth end-of-training Q&A sessions
  • 2 BONUS 45-minute Breath Gym group classes

Regularly $599
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"This is an experience you shouldn't miss!"

Sundays, November 14, 21, 28 & December 5 @ 10AM ET

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The 4-Week Breath Boot Camp


Includes Live Trainings + Bonuses!

  • Four live, online workshops & recordings
  • 13 hours of LIVE breathing instruction and practice
  • Detailed dive into breathing anatomy, theory & exercises
  • Tools to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, balance emotions, enhance concentration and improve athletic performance
  • Fully expanded and updated 54-page training manual & exercise appendix
  • 15-minute audio recording to guide your Breathe Light practice
  • Special end-of-training Q&A session & recording
  • Certificate of completion
  • ++BONUS 1: FREE 4-week access to the private BE Light Community (normally $19.99/month)
  • ++BONUS 2: 4 FREE passes to weekly Breath Gym group classes (normally $88)
  • ++BONUS 3: 50% OFF The Breath Bundle (normally $199)
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Want to take your Boot Camp experience to the next level?

Add on a private 30-minute consultation with Tara to craft a customized functional breathing routine to fit your specific needs.


The 4-Week Breath Boot Camp PLUS 1:1 Breathing Consultation


Includes Live Trainings + Bonuses + Private 1:1 Consultation!

  • Four live, online workshops & recordings
  • 13 hours of LIVE breathing instruction and practice
  • Detailed dive into breathing anatomy, theory & exercises
  • Tools to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, balance emotions, enhance concentration and improve athletic performance 
  • Fully expanded and updated 54-page training manual & exercise appendix
  • 15-minute audio recording to guide your Breathe Light practice
  • Special end-of-training Q&A session & recording
  • Certificate of completion
  • ++BONUS 1: FREE 4-week access to the private BE Light Community (normally $19.99/month)
  • ++BONUS 2: 4 FREE passes to weekly Breath Gym group classes (normally $88)
  • ++BONUS 3: 50% OFF The Breath Bundle (normally $199)
  • +++1:1 CONSULTATIONYour own private 30-minute 1:1 functional breathing consultation with Tara to design a customized breathing routine for YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS! (normally $100)
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David Baxter


Tara’s teaching style is very straightforward, concise and well documented, in an easy-to-understand format. Throughout the 4-Week Breath Boot, my breathing greatly improved. My emotional and mental states are now more relaxed and my concentration has increased. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Tara’s 4-Week Breath Boot Camp to anyone who is looking to improve their overall health, general fitness and performance. You will be glad you participated in this course. I certainly am!


Business Leader

I am so glad I took this course! It has given me an understanding of how I should be breathing, how to practice it and how my body will experience the benefits. I am already seeing great results! Tara's sessions had the right blend of teaching and practical work, to make my ongoing practice more purposeful and sustainable. Tara is the consummate professional, highly skilled in teaching breathwork for optimal health. She is also responsive and caring. It was an absolute pleasure to study with her and I highly recommend this course to everyone!