The Breath Bundle

For those who desire a deeper understanding of the movements, postures, muscles and fascial connections directly impacting their breathing.

The Breath Bundle is a collection of 4 mini-courses, each an invaluable contribution to your personal breath journey.

Preparing Your Body for Better Breathing

A 15-minute movement routine that prepares your spine, rib cage and diaphragm for optimal breathing

The Posture of Breathing

A look at optimal oral & spinal postures, as pertains to breathing; with positioning tips and exercises for the lips, jaw and tongue

Respiratory Release Routine

An exploration of the muscular and fascial connections that impact your breathing, along with mobilization techniques

Breath Blend

A guide to four simple, yet highly effective breath techniques, culminating in a final guided breath session, focused on deep relaxation

What Experts Are Saying

Danielle De Maio
LMT & NBA Massage Therapist

Tara’s Breath Bundle package takes a comprehensive, yet tangible look at how anyone can implement a breath practice into their everyday lives.
Her explanations are concise and scientific and her guided applications are powerful and enlightening.
I highly recommend this introductory course to any person who wants to better understand breath work and has a desire to explore the way that breath influences well-being.

Danielle O'Connell
Pilates Teacher & Certified ELDOA Trainer

The connection between the body, breath and nervous system is so important and this course covers it all.
What I realize now is that breathing is not separate from other muscle tension, stress, or even pain issues that many people have.
The exercises in the Breath Bundle are explained clearly, broken down well, and simple to follow. I have a better awareness of my muscles and posture, and how they affect my breathing. I especially like the self-massage techniques for the head and face. This is a tool kit everyone should have.

Dr. Daniel Lorentz, DPT, FSThP, CSCS

Tara’s Breath Bundle hits exactly what nearly all practitioners miss! She takes the most fundamental (and under-utilized) component of our being and puts it together in an easy 4-step process that anyone can learn and follow. From preparation, to posture, daily routine, and stress management, this bundle is a no-brainer.

Amy Mastrogiuseppe, Ki-Hara Resistance Stretch Therapist & Personal Trainer

Tara’s Breath Bundle is really something special. She covers every aspect of breathing and its benefits in this 4 mini-course collection. I loved the movement and self-massage techniques. Her breathing practice videos were clear, informative and effective. Definitely recommend!

Breath Bundle Course Details

"This is a tool kit everyone should have."

Preparing Your Body for Better Breathing

The routine that you will find in this course is designed to help release restrictions and improve mobility as directly impacts your ability to breathe optimally.

The focus will be on:

  • spinal articulation
  • isolations for the thoracic cage
  • scapular mobilizations
  • stretches for the anterior body, lateral body, hips and legs

The Posture of Breathing

Half focused on proper oral posture and half focused on good spinal alignment, this course will give you some insights into your own postural habits along with suggestions for improvement.

You will learn stretch, strength, and awareness techniques for your jaw, lips and tongue. You will also learn how to effectively position your spine in supine, seated and standing postures, as to achieve the most efficient movement of your diaphragm for optimal breathing.

The Breath Bundle is a companion to your existing or burgeoning breath practice. It provides you with practical tools and simple exercises for releasing muscular tension, improving your posture, and freeing your movement so as to create greater ease of breathing.

Respiratory Release Routine

In this course, you will learn stretches and mobilization techniques for key features potentially impacting your breathing.

Absolutely no equipment is required! You will use your hands for each technique in order to address various muscles and fascial chains, from your jaw down to your pelvis. 

Besides improving your breathing, you may find that these techniques also help to alleviate pain, improve circulation and relieve stiffness in the body.

Breath Blend

In this course, you will learn and practice four simple, yet highly effective breath techniques:

  1. coherent breathing
  2. extended-exhale breathing
  3. box breathing
  4. bumble-bee breathing

By the end of the course, you will understand more about the anatomy and physiology of your breath; you will appreciate the unique benefits of each technique; and you will feel confident practicing them on your own.

The course ends with a 20-minute guided breath session that you can utilize again and again. Some of the primary benefits of this session are:

  • increased parasympathetic dominance
  • increased CO2 tolerance
  • improved vagal tone
  • improved heart rate variability
  • greater release of nitric oxide
  • complete relaxation

More Love for the Breath Bundle

Emily Archer
Sociology Professor

This class blew my mind! I never knew so many of the intricacies of the breath. Through Tara's vast knowledge and support I was able to take my breathwork practice to a new level. Forever in gratitude, Tara!

Siobhan O.
Natural Health Practitioner

The lessons that Tara shares really helped me to understand my own body and the importance of breath, in a clear and relatable context. These simple body and breath exercises can be done anywhere and anytime to immediately feel better. Breathing easy has never felt so good. Thank you, Tara!

Neil W. Runyon
LMT & Owner of Carnegie Hill Massage

Tara is the practitioners' practitioner. Her program of transformative breath work is deeply rooted in and underpinned by a comprehensive wellness and bodywork practice spanning more than two decades. She understands firsthand our need to not merely practice wellness, but to breathe it, to let it inhabit us, and most importantly, to let it propel us towards the true potential that lies within each of us. Hers has been a continuous journey of creative and intensive self-actualization that she now shares with those seeking more. The Breath Bundle is a great place to start.
Tara’s genius lies in her ability to utilize familiar wellness practices in preparation for meaningful breath work, that bring you to it in a thoughtful, step-wise manner that illuminates and inspires you to know more and move deeper into it. And almost seamlessly, you’re in an expansive place, both physically and energetically, doing work you might not have thought possible before. Her practice has earned its name. It is truly transformative therapy.

"Tara's genius lies in her ability to utilize familiar wellness practices in preparation for meaningful breath work...and almost seamlessly, you're in an expansive place, both physically and energetically, doing work you might not have thought possible before."


Do stiffness and pain keep you from lying down to actually do your breath practice?

Do you know you need more movement in your life, but feel lost as to where to begin?

Would you love a 15-minute routine that you can easily follow and that will optimally prepare you for an amazing breath experience?

Are you interested in understanding the anatomy of your breath?

Are you interested in learning how muscular tension and fascial restrictions might be limiting your breath capacity and keeping you stuck in a cycle of pain?

Are you curious to experience how simple movements, muscular release techniques and breath techniques can create a pain-free and stress-free quality of life?

Do you know breathing is important, but feel confused by all the different techniques?

Do you want to understand how to use your own breath to measurably shift your response to stress, in an instant?

Do you want to take your health and well-being into your own hands, without the need for any equipment?
If you are ready to take advantage of these practical and accessible tools for increasing your capacity for breath and improving your overall well-being, then click below.

Ceci Orozco
Kindergarten TA, Yoga Teacher & Holistic Wellness Educator

Tara’s courses offer a beautiful blend of somatic tools and holistic wellness practices that will guide you to not only experience a deeper, richer, more expansive breath, but also to understand the essentials of breathing. Tara’s teaching style is accessible and down-to-earth, and her anatomy approach to teaching breath work is transformative.

The Breath Bundle FAQs

Michelle S.
Pediatric Occupational Therapist & Feldenkrais Practitioner

The modules of the Breath Bundle are eloquently presented in a wholly comprehensible manner and could be followed with pleasure and ease. I explicitly felt the definite shift in awareness, posture, balance, breath expansion, and ultimately a sense of self-regulation. Wonderfully done.

Laura Sifuentez
Pilates Teacher & Certified ELDOA Trainer

Tara is a wealth of information and the Breath Bundle experience walked me through how that information is important to my life. These mini-courses not only left me feeling great but gave me tools that I can use in my daily life. I love the bodywork techniques which make me feel like I can really take a full breath. And the simple breathing techniques which help me to feel ready for life! Who knew breathing could be so important for our well-being? Life is different with better breathing!

Lifetime access to The Breath Bundle for less than the cost of 1 single private session

I charge my clients $200 per hour for private sessions. But with The Breath Bundle, you get 4 ½ hours of my undivided attention (normally valued at $900) for less than the cost of a single session!

Plus, you get lifetime access to The Breath Bundle, which means you can revisit all of the exercises, stretches, mobilization techniques and guided routines over and over again; making for a priceless learning experience.

For anyone looking to take their breath practice to the next level

The Breath Bundle: A Collection of 4 Mini-Courses for Your Personal Breath Journey

$199 USD

One-time payment. Lifetime access.


  • Preparing Your Body for Better Breathing
  • The Posture of Breathing
  • Respiratory Release Routine
  • Breath Blend
  • 4 1/2 hours of content
  • 15-minute mobility routine for greater body awareness and breath expansion
  • stretch, strength and awareness techniques for your jaw, lips and tongue
  • postural tips for efficient respiration
  • mobilization and release techniques for your jaw, neck, chest, diaphragm, abdomen, hip flexors and pelvis
  • exploration of 4 simple and highly effective breath techniques
  • understanding of how to use your breath to mitigate your stress levels
  • 20-minute guided breath session for deep relaxation
  • simple & practical tools that will benefit your overall well-being for a lifetime

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