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A private and safe community for those looking to inspire and be inspired on the journey toward optimal health and wellness.

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BE Light Community

This is a private wellness community where members come to share and receive support, motivation, accountability, inspiration, recommendations, personal stories and more. We have live Q&As once a month and even the occasional challenge or contest.

Do you ever feel alone on your holistic health path?


Do you ever start a new heatlhy habit thinking, "This is it!", only to fall off it a few days later?


Do you ever feel curious to try some new lifestyle routine, but you have no one to turn to for advice on implementation?

The BE Light Community serves the role of companion on your health journey, of accountability partner, of fellow experimenter, and of discerning advisor. No health strategy is too bizarre to be discussed. All open-minded explorers of wellness are encouraged to join.

What's Included?

Monthly Membership 

Full 24/7 access to this private community on a monthly basis. Freedom to join or cancel at any time.

Live Monthly Q&A

In addition to the daily dialogue, get those burning questions answered via Zoom, plus access to the Q&A recordings.

Video Requests

Tutorial requests from community members will be prioritized & featured on my YouTube channel, with a dedication in your name.

40% OFF The Breath Bundle

Everyone who joins the community gets a one-time coupon for 40% OFF The Breath Bundle.

Who's Your Host?

I'm Tara! I am the creator of the BE Light Community. My role is to touch base with you daily to help answer any questions I can, share my wisdom, offer personal stories, set up mini-challenges, give recommendations and share quick tutorials. I am also a fellow explorer and equally eager to learn from you and your experiences as well. 

You Can Read More About My Journey Here

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Monthly Membership

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  • 24/7 access to a private community
  • Support, motivation, accountability, inspiration & more!
  • Live monthly Q&A sessions & recordings
  • Prioritized video requests & sponsor status on my YouTube channel
  • 40% OFF The Breath Bundle
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