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Sunday, June 23 @ 11AM ET

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Fascia Breakthroughs from Cell to Movement

We are so lucky to have the incredible Fabiana Silva, physiotherapist and premier fascia researcher, joining us from Brazil.

Fabiana will take us on a 3-hour deep-dive into the most updated research on fascial health. We will explore the cellular structure of fascia at its most microscopic level. And we will extend that understanding to the most macroscopic level, observing how fascia functions in the living human organism

Fabiana will share the most current, evidence-based therapeutic approaches, coming directly out of her own research, as well as the research of her colleagues.

She will also demonstrate practical exercises to help you feel the benefits of these fascia-based interventions in your own body. You will walk away with effective, proven techniques for improving the health of your fascia, your movement and your life.

What You Will Get From This Workshop:

  • have a clearer understanding of what fascia is and how it functions in the body
  • explore the most recent research about fascia in order to dispel any myths or misinformation
  • learn about the structure of fascia at the cellular level
  • understand how fascia behaves on a larger scale to control human posture and movement
  • experience practical, proven and effective therapeutic approaches for maintaining fascial health
  • walk away with simple exercises you can use daily for improving your fascia, your movement and your life

This Workshop Will Last Approximately 3 Hours

A Blend of Lecture, Practice and Q&A

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop will be useful for anyone:

  • interested in fascia
  • interested in human anatomy and physiology
  • interested in human movement and mechanics
  • dealing with chronic pain
  • dealing with movement limitations
  • wanting to move better and more efficiently
  • wanting to understand the most updated research on fascia
  • wanting simple, practical and effective exercises for improving fascial health


To get the most benefit out of this informative and experiential workshop, it is best that you show up LIVE in order to ask the most relevant questions for your needs, and to get the most personalized tips possible.  

Even though the workshop will take place via ZOOM, please prepare as if it were a live, in-person class.
(A recording will be made available for 7 days ONLY!)


Everyone who attends will be asked to have their cameras on. Please plan for this class exactly as you would for an in-person experience. 


This workshop will be addressing your fascial system in particular, which is highly sensitive to hydration levels. To ensure you get the most benefit out of class, please be sure to have water with you.


You will want to wear flexible clothing that still allows the instructor to see the basic shape and posture of your body. Please no jeans or stiff pants. You will want to be able to move freely without hindrance.


Some of the class will take place on the floor. If you are sensitive to hard surfaces, please be sure to bring a mat with you. 


Please make sure you have access to some floor space, as some exercises will require you to lie down. 



Fabiana Silva

Professor Fabiana Silva, based out of Brazil, is a physiotherapist and fascia expert with a thriving clinical practice. She is also a prominent educator whose passion is to raise the standard of Health Education on a global scale. As a researcher herself, Fabiana's work is very much evidence-based. She is a trailblazer when it comes to demystifying the conversation around fascia and communicating the most updated evidence.

  • Physiotherapist
  • MSc. in Epidemiology
  • Certificate in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy - Austrália
  • Sports Physiotherapist Specialist SONAFE
  • Fascia Research Society Executive Board Member
  • ACS - ASOMI College of Sciences Academic Board Member
  • Fascia researcher

You can check out Fabiana's services and connect with her here:


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Sunday, June 23 @ 11AM ET

  • 3-hour special expert workshop
  • Discussion of the most current, evidence-based discoveries in the fascia world
  • Guided hands-on techniques for personal exploration
  • Q&A with an expert in the field
  • Highly-specialized instruction and guidance from an expert instructor
  • Deep understanding of how your fascia impacts your overall health
  • Techniques and exercises to implement immediately in your daily life to improve fascial health
  • 7-day access to workshop recording


1. Workshop registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

2. Please prepare to have your camera ON in order to participate.

3. For the most personalized experience possible, please show up LIVE for the workshop. (If you absolutely cannot make it, a recording will be made available for 7 days ONLY.)

4. This workshop takes place at 11AM Eastern Time (that's NYC time). Please make sure you know the relative time in your own timezone.

(Please prepare exactly as you would for an in-person class.)


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