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Unleash Your Light

Are you ready to permanently shift your self-limiting beliefs so as to unleash your amazing gifts out into the world and have a massive positive impact?


Dive into my unique program in order to stop hiding and finally be the you the world has been waiting to see!

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Alexios V.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Tara's program cuts deep into the reasons why we are who we are and how we see ourselves and why we are not getting better. Imagine being able to have the most meaningful conversation with yourself about why you are who you think you are. The deepest form of meditation. It is like meeting yourself for the first time, with kindness, understanding who you are facing. I have heard many ways of trying to change, from many world famous individuals, and Tara's navigation of the psyche is one of the most clear, free of bullshit you can find. You owe it to yourself to try. Enough is enough.

Jenelynn W.

LMT, RMP, Purveyor of Healing Arts

Tara's Unleash Your Light training introduced me to a more powerful ME! Within a week of completing her training, I had put into action ideas and desires that I had been holding back for years. I have dealt with anxiety and panic for a long time. The BE Light Breath work that Tara brings to this training truly shifted my physical reactions to stress. The combination of her breathing technique and the Unleash Your Light exercises have brought me farther along my personal journey. I had been feeling stuck. Now I feel my power. And I'm in action! I can't thank Tara enough for guiding me to unleash my light.

Let's play a game. Are you ready?
I call it the imagination game. 


never again questioning if you know enough, if you’re good enough or if you’re ready.


a life where you do not need anyone else’s permission to take action. Here, try out this sentence: “I don’t need the guru’s permission. I am the guru in my life.”


always having exactly what you need to accomplish everything you want to accomplish. You stop competing, you stop comparing and you stop racing against some perceived passing of time, or a perceived notion of limited resources. Imagine no fight and no struggle; just effortless, easy flow. Life unfolds FOR you!


not just dipping your toes into your greatness, having only momentary glimpses of the magnificence you are capable of. Imagine fully embodying and unleashing the light that shines within you.


never being held back by fear, moving forward fearlessly, without anxiety or self-doubt.


waking up and instead of making excuses, you take action. You take daily action toward your dream life without anything slowing you down. Instead of convincing yourself of all the reasons you shouldn’t, you just do it.


getting on the global stage to share your gifts, your talents and your knowledge with total confidence. Without ever feeling obliged to wear a veil of modesty to hide your brilliance. You simply allow your light to shine.


sharing your amazing skills on your terms, never again wasting your prized knowledge and talents. Imagine never again allowing others to dictate how you should live your life or share your gifts.


making your dreams a reality, instead of letting your “Plan B” become your reality.


never feeling voiceless or unheard. Imagine never being taken advantage of again. Imagine realizing that helping others does not mean completely sacrificing yourself!


loving and accepting yourself completely, never again making decisions based on whether you believe people will like you or not. You are always loved because you love yourself!


being able to utilize your own internally-generated breath to help create massive shifts in your perception. Your breath! Which is totally free and accessible at any moment!


being more aware of your beliefs and more aware of your perception of reality. Imagine being able to alter that reality with conscious choice!

Are you tired of playing small and allowing your fear to keep you stuck?


Are you tired of stifling your self-expression and your talent because you believe you’re not good enough?


Are you tired of throwing away your dreams of having a massive impact on this planet because of a lack of worthiness?

Enough is enough!

It is time to act.

You already have all the tools you need to Unleash Your Light.

Everything that you need is already within you. You just need a little guidance and support. This unique program gives you a clear path forward in order to take action now.

Each mindset exercise, breath session, meditation and guided self-inquiry is crafted to help you shift your self-limiting beliefs, eliminate your self-sabotaging behavior, redefine your fear and teach you unconditional self-love and self-acceptance, so that you can fully stand in your power and embrace the life of your dreams.

And you don't have to do it alone! I will be there every step of the way, guiding you. Plus, you'll have a whole community of BE Lighters supporting you, motivating you and holding you accountable.

You are destined to have a bigger impact. Let’s maximize your influence!

No more fear. No more self-doubt. No more playing small. No more excuses.

The newest version of Unleash Your Light launches in March. And it's gonna be more transformative than ever!

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Brooke Chaffee

Pilates Instructor & Actress

Tara is an incredible leader lighting the way down a path of discovery. I had so many light-bulb moments and self-realizations that could have never come to light had this program not been structured the way it was. Being a newbie to breathwork, the exercises and breathwork sessions felt attainable and were so effective.


Unleash Your Light (UYL) is way more than an online class. It is a constant companion, a motivational community, a self-development coach, a mindset guide and a breathwork facilitator, all in one place. And now with a mobile-friendly version, this pocket-sized powerhouse can go everywhere that you do.

Part digital course, part membership site, this hybridized platform is meant to replace unaffordable coaching programs and unactionable self-help advice. It will put you into action from day one, and set you on your path of physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.

The new and improved UYL contains 9 modules of unique programming which are self-paced, yet fully-guided. You will find videos for self-reflection, daily missions, mindset exercises, guided meditations, action plans, practices for implementing new habits and access to BE Light Breath, an integrative and transformative breathwork method.

Each module (about 5 hours of content) is designed to be paced across one month, but a dedicated BE Lighter who is raring to go can easily work through each module within a period of two weeks.

The modules build upon one another, but you will be feeling the effects of personal transformation before you even finish Module 1. That’s because transformation is a process, not a destination. Unleash Your Light wants to be there to support you every step of your journey.

Course Outline 

Module 1 – Your Breath & Your Desires
Module 2 – Redefine Your Fear
Module 3 – Love Unconditionally
Module 4 – Reclaim Your Voice
Module 5 – Forgive Freely
Module 6 – Step into Your Power
Module 7 – Find Your Light
Module 8 – Be Your Greatest Self
Module 9 – Unleash Your Light

What's Included

  • mindset & self-transformation coaching in your pocket
  • access to BE Light Breath, a tranformative breathwork method that easily fits into your self-care practice
  • coaching to help you shift your self-limiting beliefs at their source
  • perception tips to help you eliminate your self-sabotaging behavior
  • mindset strategies to help you overcome your fear of judgment and criticism
  • tools to teach you to love and accept yourself unconditionally
  • suggestions for identifying all your strengths & increasing your confidence
  • coaching to liberate your voice and teach you to express yourself fully
  • tools for finding forgiveness & lightening your spirit
  • exercises to help you acknowledge your power and transmit your influence
  • guided reflection to help you realize your immense worth
  • intention-setting to clarify your life purpose & your direction
  • drills to give you the courage to release your brilliance into the world
  • practices to implement new habits & take daily action
  • support to be the greatest version of yourself, every day
  • step-by-step guidance accessible from anywhere and at any time with no need for any equipment (aside from your phone or computer)

Need accountability? Support? Motivation? A judgment-free community?

Every BE Lighter who signs up for Unleash Your Light is invited into our private Facebook community. This is optional, but it is a beautiful addition to your program experience and allows you to receive invaluable insights and feedback from fellow BE Lighters going through the same process of transformation. It also bolsters a community of safe-sharing in which we support each other through the struggles and celebrate the victories.

Trista Krone

Sales Executive

Tara is a rare teacher who carries talent and brilliance in many different wisdom lineages and modalities. She understands how to apply her vast knowledge and experience to facilitate deep personal growth and free bound energy to be more light in the world. Her Unleash Your Light program felt like a book I was enjoying so much, I didn’t want to finish!

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Have you ever spent a fortune on a coaching program only to feel alone, uncertain and incapable of action as soon as the program ended?!

Not with Unleash Your Light. UYL is meant to be your daily, weekly, or even monthly companion. A coach in your pocket that you can consult whenever you need guidance. A program that evolves simultaneously with your evolution.

The unique tools for self-transformation that you will find in UYL are all fully guided by Tara Bianca, owner of BE Light Transformative Therapy and expert in the holistic wellness sector for over 15 years.

If you are ready to use your tremendous skills and generous heart to have a widespread positive influence, then you have come to the right place.
If you are looking to fully transform yourself so that you can go out and transform the world, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to Unleash Your Light.

The newest version of Unleash Your Light is gonna be better than ever!

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Beverly J. Mota

Licensed Massage Therapist

Unleash Your Light goes to the root of the problem, the root of the fear and essentially changes the past with a shift in perspective. It helped me to really embody my own biology and my own biography. I can now embrace the fact that I am worthy of being a magnet for all good things, and this has become a part of my daily mantra. I can truly say in this moment, because of this program, that I genuinely love myself. That feeling is so empowering. Thank you.

Are you ready to resolve your fear of judgment and criticism?
Are you ready to love and accept yourself unconditionally?
Are you ready to let go of your perfectionism and see yourself as already perfect?
Are you ready to reclaim your voice and use it as a tool for positive influence?
Are you ready to fully step into your power?
Are you ready to have a level of self-awareness that makes you impervious to the opinions of others?
Are you ready to acknowledge all of your amazing gifts, amazing talents and amazing knowledge and unleash them out into the world?
Are you ready to positively change the world forever?
Are you ready to Unleash Your Light?

Unleash Your Light


Monthly Plan


recurring payment that automatically renews every month

  • Monthly access to the 9-module Unleash Your Light Program
  • Approximately 50 hours of content
  • All the tools, guidance and support you need to shift your self-limiting beliefs and embrace the life of your dreams
  • Access to the private Unleash Your Light Facebook community, as long as you remain a monthly member
  • Mobile app version (Apple & Android) to learn and transform on the go
  • Desktop and tablet versions
  • FREE 7-day trial
  • Option to upgrade to the yearly plan

One-Year Plan


one-time payment that provides an entire year of access

  • An entire 1-year access to the 9-module Unleash Your Light Program
  • Approximately 50 hours of content
  • All the tools, guidance and support you need to shift your self-limiting beliefs and embrace the life of your dreams
  • Access to the private Unleash Your Light Facebook community, as long as you remain a member
  • Mobile app version (Apple & Android) to learn and transform on the go
  • Desktop and tablet versions
  • 7-day risk-free trial, with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • FREE & instant access to any and all monthly bonuses that are offered

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Damasa Doyle

Owner, DamaSoul Health & Wellness

Unleash Your Light, under Tara's guidance, has honestly been one of the most productive self-improvement trainings that I have ever done. What I loved were the daily exercises that kept me connected and feeling supported throughout the program. And the breathwork sessions, which encouraged me to push fearlessly forward into the depth of my potential. The seeds of possibility and action that I set during the program are growing, watered by newfound belief and understanding that my light is meant to shine fully forward, first through me and then courageously and fearlessly into the world. My sister remarked just recently "Girl, you are on fire!" I am and it's a beautiful thing to behold. I'm so grateful for the work that Tara is doing. Her love, care and ability to nourish others is helping to unleash so much meaningful transformation and light into our world.