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The Breath Basics 6-Day Challenge

Use your breath to master stress in this FREE 6-day training! You will get access to a new 15-minute video tutorial every day for 6 days, to help you develop simple tools for stress management. Each video will highlight a specific breath technique, explain the primary benefits, guide you through a 5-minute session and offer you suggestions for continuing your practice on your own. Plus, you get lifetime access to the training so you can revisit your lessons again and again. Click below for more details!

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FREE Long COVID Video Workshop

When you sign up for this FREE 45-minute workshop, you'll get instant access to breathing protocols and progressions, based out of the Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko Clinic methods. You will get explanations and demonstrations of each breathing technique, as well as lots of FREE resources to further your understanding and your recovery.

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4-Week Breath Boot Camp

A live, online, 4-week workshop that introduces the Oxygen Advantage® approach to functional breathing. You will learn a series of science-based breathing techniques, that have been proven effective. The focus will be on reducing anxiety, improving sleep, balancing the emotions, enhancing concentration and improving performance.


BE Light Community

This is a private wellness community where members come to share and receive support, motivation, accountability, inspiration, recommendations, personal stories and more. We have live Q&As once a month and even the occasional challenge or contest.


BE Light TT YouTube Channel

If you're looking for some FREE tutorials and guided breath sessions, or you just want to get a flavor for my teaching style, then subscribe to my YouTube channel! I release new videos every Tuesday & Friday.

Check Out the BE Light YouTube Channel!

Podcast Appearances

If you enjoy listening to podcasts, please check out these interviews, insights and friendly chats I've had, making guest appearances on various podcasts. 

Check Out These Podcast Appearances!

Hi, I'm Tara Bianca.

I am passionate about building a global community dedicated to achieving optimal health and wellness. I love to work with other holistic health practitioners, athletes and those looking to remain vibrant throughout the aging process. Please join me on this path to breathe better, move better and BE better.


"Tara Bianca is an amazing healer and her bodywork, breathwork and overall energy-healing is a source of empowerment. She is intuitive and attentive, and she creates the ability for mind, body and spirit to experience an immensely powerful and cleansing emotional and physical release"

Mark Pellington

"Tara is a gifted healer with an intuitive understanding of the body. She skillfully and compassionately guides clients to harness the tool of breath to break through blockages and stagnation and connect to deep reservoirs of energy and inspiration. She is a gentle facilitator, helping to integrate all parts of the self in order to confidently move forward into the highest possibilities and aspirations in this life, right now."

Trista Krone
Medical Sales Executive

"Tara is a natural healer. She truly cares about each person she works with and is actively trying to make the world a better place, one person at a time. If you are looking for support, guidance and healing, you have come to the right place."

Tom Guthrie
Movement Therapist

"I had an unbelievable experience with BE Light Breath. I have suffered from chronic anxiety and pain for my entire life. With the use of Tara’s breathwork approach, my symptoms have substantially improved. Tara is patient and an excellent teacher. She is smart and her method is life-changing. I highly recommend Tara and BE Light Breath to anyone looking for a transformative experience."

Samantha Levine
Occupational Therapist

"Through Tara's BE Light Breath, I gained deep insights into my own resistance patterns and the spaces where I hold tension in my body. The effects of the breathwork were cumulative, as I became more aware of my breath and how it connects to and affects my state of mind, emotions, and general well-being. This process facilitated deep healing. I am forever grateful to Tara and her BE Light Breath technique."

Yokasta Tineo
LMT & Reiki Master

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