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3 Ways to Hold Your Breath - After an Exhalation, After an Inhalation, After Hyperventilation - Benefits, Risks & Adaptations

breath-holding breathing Aug 10, 2021

This video is a physiological analysis of what happens when you hold your breath.

We will look at 3 types of breath holds:

  1. Breath hold after exhalation
  2. Breath hold after inhalation
  3. Breath hold after hyperventilation

We will also consider some of the benefits, risks & adaptations that occur from holding your breath in different ways.

0:00 Intro
0:12 3 Ways to Hold Your Breath
0:46 After Exhalation
4:22 Benefits
8:51 Let's Try It!
9:23 After Inhalation
11:22 Benefits
13:10 Let's Try It!
13:47 After Hyperventilation
16:54 Adaptations & Risks
18:21 Benefits
19:07 How to Practice
19:43 Closing Words
20:17 Like & Subscribe
20:24 FREE Breath Training
20:37 Support If You Can

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