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Breath Lectures in 2 Minutes or Less! Episode No. 1

breath lectures in 2 minutes or less! breathing Feb 16, 2021

Welcome to the first installment of Breath Lectures in 2 Minutes or Less!, (where I have gone over my time by 20 secondsšŸ¤¦‍ā™€ļø).

Episode No. 1 Topics:

  • air composition
  • argument for less breathing
  • CO2 tolerance
  • box breathing

In this video, I will remind you that sometimes it is best to simply hold your breath and not breathe. 

In fact, it is super important to train your body to be able to perform optimally with less oxygen. 

This ability is referred to as CO2 tolerance, and it is something that you can train. 

One way to train this is by practicing breath holds. For today, I ask that you start out with a simple 5-5-5-5 box breath

If that feels too easy, practice a rectangular breath by extending the retention portion. (e.g. 5-10-5-10 rectangular breath). 

Find a box or rectangular rhythm that feels mildly challenging to you, without ever leaving you gasping for breath. 

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