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Breath Lectures in 2 Minutes or Less! Episode No. 2

breath lectures in 2 minutes or less! breathing Feb 24, 2021

 Welcome to Breath Lectures in 2 Minutes or Less!, Episode No. 2.

Episode No. 2 Topics:

  • nasal conchae or turbinates
  • nasal breathing
  • breath awareness
  • physical, mental & environmental factors
  • guided sessions

In this video, I will begin breaking down the inner structure of your nose, anatomical feature by anatomical feature. 

I will talk about the function of your nasal conchae, and how critical they are for warming, humidifying and purifying the air your breathe.

I will ask you to reflect on how you are breathing; through your nose or through your mouth. And what factors are influencing your breathing (e.g. stress, anxiety, pain, pollution, etc.)

To help you recommit to your conscious, controlled, nasal breathing practice, I would also like to refer you to these guided breath sessions:

  1. 10-Minute Session at 6 Breaths Per Minute
  2. 10-Minute Session at 5 Breaths Per Minute
  3. Extended-Exhale Breathing 1:2 Inhale to Exhale

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Image of Nasal Conchae by O.Chaigasame
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