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Breath Lectures in 2 Minutes or Less! Episode No. 3

breath lectures in 2 minutes or less! breathing Mar 03, 2021

Welcome to Breath Lectures in 2 Minutes or Less!, Episode No. 3.

Episode No. 3 Topics:

  • nasal mucosa
  • first line of defense
  • general breath awareness
  • introduction to mouth-taping

In this video, I will continue with my anatomical discussion of the nose, by focusing in on the nasal mucosa and its role in your immune response.

I will again remind you of the importance of nasal breathing, and start to introduce you to the idea of mouth-taping as an option for re-training your breath.

To help you recommit to your conscious, controlled, nasal breathing practice, I would like to refer you to these guided breath sessions:

  1. 10-Minute Session at 6 Breaths Per Minute
  2. 10-Minute Session at 5 Breaths Per Minute
  3. Extended-Exhale Breathing 1:2 Inhale to Exhale

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Looking for mouth-tape? A mouth-taping favorite seems to be this one!

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