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Breath Lectures in 2 Minutes or Less! Episode No. 5

breath lectures in 2 minutes or less! breathing Mar 30, 2021

Welcome to Breath Lectures in 2 Minutes or Less!, Episode No. 5.
(I went over by 40 seconds on this one, but you can do it!)

Episode No. 5 Topics:

  • paranasal sinuses
  • human-skull evolution
  • processed food & chewing
  • tips for correction

In this video, I will talk all about your nasal sinuses: their function, their evolution over time and their impact on breathing.

I will also offer 4 tips for potentially improving the functioning of your sinuses:

  1. Nasal Breathing
  2. Eliminate Processed Foods & Chew More
  3. Maintain Proper Oral Posture
  4. Mouth-Taping

Looking for some guided nasal breathing videos? Try these:

  1. 10 Minutes at 6 Breaths Per Minute
  2. 10 Minutes at 5 Breaths Per Minute
  3. Extended Exhale Practice 1:2 Inhale to Exhale

Want specific tips & exercises for maintaining good oral posture? Check out The Breath Bundle!

Looking for mouth-tape? This seems to be a mouth-taping favorite.

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