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Mouth-Breathing vs Nose-Breathing: Differences, Implications & Benefits

breathing Apr 06, 2021

Welcome to the definitive scoop on Mouth-Breathing vs Nose-Breathing.

In this video, I will discuss:

  1. the differences between mouth-breathing & nasal breathing
  2. the implications of chronic mouth-breathing
  3. the benefits of nasal breathing (hint, hint, there may be some benefits for):
    +stress relief
    +cardiovascular health
    +immune support
    +improved sleep

0:00 Intro
0:23 Mouth-Breathing
1:06 Health Implications of Mouth-Breathing
5:10 Any Bright Side?
6:18 Nasal Breathing
7:00 Health Benefits of Nasal Breathing
8:31 Why Is It So Hard to Breathe Through Your Nose?
10:32 Words of Hope

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