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The Amazing Benefits of 4-6 Breathing - Coherent Breathing - Resonance Frequency Breathing

breathing Jun 01, 2021

The 4-6 breathing technique goes by many names, including coherent breathing and resonance frequency breathing.

I love teaching this breath technique because it is so simple, anyone can do it, and it offers so many amazing benefits.

0:00 Intro
0:22 What is 4-6 Breathing?
1:20 Key Features of 4-6 Breathing
3:33 What Are the Benefits of 4-6 Breathing?
3:37 Benefits of Nasal Breathing
4:48 Benefits of Oral Posture
5:47 Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing
7:53 Benefits of Slow Breathing
9:45 Benefits of Extended Exhale
12:08 The Takeaway
14:10 FREE Breath Training

Want to try a guided 4-6 breathing session? I have 2 options for you:

  1. Guided 5-10-15-Minute Session WITH Background Music
  2. Guided 5-10-15-Minute Session WITHOUT Background Music

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